Break free from the code

We designed our solutions to increase organizational capacity and the quality of business while reducing costs. liz automates and improves the customer journey experience for both end-users and advisors.

In Action

Bits and pieces of our participation at industry events around the world

Carpool conversations

Interview by FF News during ITC Vegas 2022

Events such as ITC Vegas bring together the best and brightest minds in our industry to showcase innovations, provide learning opportunities, as well as the ability to rub elbows with tens of thousands of leaders, innovators, decision-makers, scientists, technologists, marketers, and more.

In this carpool interview, our own Eugene Shafronsky discusses the industry, hyper-personalization, and the phenomenal power of data with FF News.

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Eugene Shafronsky at ITC Vegas 2022

Interview by FF News

FF caught up with our Head of Strategy, Eugene Shafronsky to discuss the end of underwriting as it exists today, and thinktum developing a Pure no-code environment for the insurance industry.

Ad for an FF News interview with thinktum's Eugene Shafronsky Head of Strategy at ITC Vegas 2023
Leveraging data for personalization

The Future of Insurance is here – Snippet video

Over the course of three days, the industry convened at ITC Vegas to showcase new innovations, learned how to increase productivity while reducing costs, and ultimately, how to enrich the lives of policyholders everywhere. Ask Me Anything sessions allow audience members to engage with innovators. In this short video snippet, thinktum’s Head of Strategy Eugene Shafronsky discusses our newest partnership and much more with Eleva Finance with their founder and CEO, Natasha Brazeau.

This segment touches on leveraging data to drive personalization. Check our LinkedIn page to see more of the session.

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FF Awards 2022

thinktum made finalists in the AI category!

Every year, FF News holds a video competition. This year, thinktum’s very first entry made finalist in the Artificial Intelligence category. Special thanks to VAX Films for creating such a visual stunner. You can watch our video here.

As pictured (left to right): Paul Reaburn, President; Genevieve Adam-Burns, Director, Underwriting Technology Solutions; Eugene Shafronsky, Head of Strategy.

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A close up of a person wearing glasses and looking away with a six-sided badge that reads: FF Awards Artificial Intelligence and thinktum with finalist 2022.

Move beyond clunky infrastructure and its reliance on coded solutions

The Insurance industry is deeply affected by disparate and legacy technology, making it difficult to analyze large amounts of data with inconsistent formats without significant manual human effort. This results in slower assessment, higher turnaround time. The human intervention in such menial tasks also highly impacts accuracy leading to massive costs and the loss of clients.

Lack of time and resources for a fully coded solution
Too much time spent juggling complex yet incomplete data
Inaccurate assessments due to problematic questions
Manual and tedious underwriting operations and assessments
Budgeting requirements
Potential fraud and an unfounded mistrust of artificial intelligence

The liz suite

Our solutions are modular. Pick and choose between modules; or access the benefits of a whole much greater than the sum of its parts with all three!

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liz flow Module
Pure no-code e-app with editor, for optimized customer experience. This product configuration & management platform includes user interface and customer journey tools for advisors, DTC, call centers and more business models.
Three arrows face up, three face down overtop a pink box with Greek symbols on it.
liz assess Module
Our hyper-personalized underwriting rules engine is where the magic happens. Supporting all combinations of underwriting models, this automated decision-recommendations tool also includes a no-code editor and testing environment.
An open hand holds a circle with Greek symbols on it.
liz data Module
AI-driven data analysis module with built-in logic. This case management platform provides real-time alerts and analytics for timely actionable insights.

Our most recent strategic partnership

We believe in creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with different kinds of organizations that wield a positive influence for both firms. We pride ourselves on strategic partnerships that support our brand, highlight our solutions, and develop advocates on and for both sides. Our partners make thinktum, our solutions, and our people better.

Who We Serve

Segment-specific solutions

We aren’t a one and done kind of solutions provider.
We provide benefits for various segments, including:

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Insurance carriers

Thanks to thinktum’s solutions suite, insurance carriers reduce costs, improve data collection & analysis, and eliminate most underwriting requirements with our hyper-personalized risk assessment platform.

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Insurance Providers

Our solution creates a frictionless journey for every applicant, faster determinations, and the ability to test and edits flows on the fly.

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Distribution Groups

Distributors will appreciate the real-time data analysis functionality, faster application journey, and vigorous assessment & decision functions that liz delivers.

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thinktum believes in providing solutions and assistance wherever we can. For insurtechs, this means our modular solution is affordable but also that we can help update your technology and offer more strenuous business advice to partners and clients alike.

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This market segment values their relationships with their partner firms to provide technology resources, products, services, and expertise to their network. With thinktum’s solutions, reinsurers can upgrade and update all of their partners’ technology in just a few days to allow more products and a better user experience.

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All Industries

liz delivers visibility and control. Every customer journey is fully see-through and customizable, every question is asked in plain language, and every determination is logically sound. Manage flows as you see fit and provide a fast and easy path for everyone, and for anything.

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Who We Are

Creative minds paired with innovative technologies

We deliver solutions that transform the playing field into something we can all be proud of, including our business strategy consulting services.

Our faith in tech for good guides us while knowing that something better is always possible.