thinktum’s no-code front end, coupled with a robust, AI-driven back end, delivers faster complete business cycles, and a healthier bottom line.

Our affordable Insurtech solutions are tailor-made by industry experts, for industry experts. Our solutions suite offers everything you need to get started right away.

Our Strategic Partnerships

Our ecosystems revolutionize how to collect, process, & assess data... instantly.


The Future of Life Underwriting is Here

We Kinvest in Success Stories

Two words form to give us “kinvesting,” which serves as a mantra that guides our steps:

kin-dred / ‘kin-dred/ of a similar nature or character

in-vest-ing / in-vest/ to involve or engage especially emotionally

We seek allies whose visions align with ours and provide them with a viable opportunity to accelerate their own startup dreams.

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