Increased percentage of business processed straight-through, with maximized honest disclosures.

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Blog | thinktum-editor | May 23, 2023

With thinktum’s hyper-personalized user journey, questions asked use plain, simple language to pull information. Which maximizes honest disclosures, greatly reduces applicant confusion, and enables more straight-through business.

A frictionless sales process

Most people under the age of 50 are in pretty good health. There may be a few chronic issues at play – hypertension is a big one, and stress is another. With modern medication, people are living longer and better while still managing chronic health issues. It feels like everyone has something these days. This seems a big swing for insurers. How do you judge one chronic health condition against another? Or what about folks who “conveniently forget” they take a statin every day?

Dishonesty & misrepresentation have always been risks when insuring someone. That’s why traditional underwriting takes so long – they may have to follow up with the applicant regarding all kinds of health details in order to get approved.

With liz’s assessment and decision engine, thankfully, those days are behind us.

We’re excited for the future, whatever it looks like. Read about why in thinktum and the future of insurance.

liz delivers more honest disclosures

But what happens if people stretch the truth, fail to remember something, or purposefully try to misrepresent the truth? First, all of our solutions, but especially our liz assess and liz data modules, have been developed to identify and tamp down on misrepresentation. If questions are answered too quickly or changed more than once, the system will catch it. But that isn’t all – liz assess will double back to ask additional questions if an answer doesn’t make sense. Logic plays a huge role in ensuring misrepresentation is mitigated. Dishonesty and misrepresentation have always been a risk when insuring someone. Now there’s a way to catch negative behavior quickly. Anytime the applicant provides an answer, the system determines if it makes sense or not – so for example, saying you aren’t diabetic but are currently prescribed diabetes medication simply doesn’t make sense. liz also flags any suspicious behavior, like taking too long to answer or changing an answer too many times. This way, misrepresentation is minimized within the system.

Our data analysis and alerts provide instant behavioral feedback. Ensuring liz trusts, but verifies. If additional safeguards are needed, third-party resources such as MIB can be connected through an API to add an additional security blanket on each application journey. More information is available on our Clients page, be sure to stop by soon.

Everyone’s goal – business processed straight through

Insurers want frictionless opportunities as well, and the very best example of this is when a policy can be processed straight through. These types of fast applications are a goal for every insurer since they require zero follow-up, documentation, or customer service. By putting these policies through, the revenue stream can be undisturbed. This allows the business to focus on the applications that need additional scrutiny, assistance, or manual underwriting.


thinktum’s liz experience is vastly better due to transparency. Read The value of transparency in a customer journey for more.