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Blog | thinktum-editor | June 19, 2023

If a technology vendor said they could completely revolutionize your business (for the better!) in a single quarter or three months, would you believe them? Well, thinktum actually can. In this series, we break down how to deploy all three modules of our liz suite in an astonishing 90 days!

Slow and steady isn’t always preferable

Time seems to move differently in the corporate halls of North America. Decisions are slow to be made, strategic partnerships take time to develop, and everyday business processes can add layers and layers of complexity onto already convoluted tasks. Everything seems to take twice as long (or more!).

When discussing technology deployments however, all bets are off. Between assessing software, choosing a solution, negotiating with the vendor, purchasing the product, having it tailored for an organization, training staff, and finally deploying, it can take anywhere from a year to three and even longer in some cases. By the time a firm is finally ready to deploy the software, it’ll be time to update it. What if it becomes obsolete during that time, because that’s a real possibility?

Need help with vendors? Here’s A blueprint for finding the right technology partner.

Contrast that with a single month, which in corporate terms is almost a blink of an eye. 30 days is such a short period of time that it’s rarely considered a logical or achievable goal for most technology deployments save for the simplest software or security updates.

But in one month, thinktum can deploy one module of the liz suite to jumpstart an organization’s technology and business offering. No really.

A month is not a long time

In fact, a month turns into 20 working days, which is even less time to deploy! In that span, thinktum can assess an organization’s needs and current technology infrastructure to deploy one module of our liz suite, which would be either liz flow or liz assess.

liz flow provides a vigorous online canvas (or e-app) where each flow can be edited, removed, rejigged, and added back again.

liz assess is our hyper-personalized underwriting engine module that provides the foundation (and juice) for a risk assessment that works with your existing technology to remove as much human interaction from the application process as possible. Either of these solutions can revolutionize your user journey.

We’ve found out that it takes less time to implement and deploy a module from the liz suite than it takes to secure and set up a discovery meeting to discuss needs, challenges, and solutions. Seriously.


liz assess ensures Increased percentage of business processed straight-through, with maximized honest disclosures.

A lot can happen in a month

In the month-long timespan it takes to deploy, business experts have more than enough time to get acquainted with the suite’s intuitive technology, functionality, and interface. Built on drag-and-drop actions, even the least tech-adept person can build or edit flows by moving virtual text boxes around. Once they become comfortable and confident (think a few hours, tops) they’ll never want to go back to the old days of having tech staff complete edits through Jira tasks. Business users are finally able to create the application process they would like if they were the applicant. No endless emails, rebooked-3-times-over meetings, or meetings that should’ve been emails. Just go in and make the change. VOILÀ.

As deployment nears, the business will interface with thinktum experts more and more. We ensure the software is secure, set up to business users’ configurations, and that everything is picture-perfect. We also make certain our partners are comfortable with every single aspect of implementing the software prior to installation. Time spent at this juncture ensures we aren’t surprised by anything at the wrong time down the road. Once the first liz module has been implemented, business users will see an instant transformation. With that single addition, a creative environment is delivered, enabling business experts to begin planning, creating, and experimenting with the technology to get familiar with the system in just a few clicks.

Regardless of which liz module is deployed first, the business will be off to a terrific start. With liz flow, the organization would be ready to start fixing all those question sequences to ensure a much simpler, clearer, and more modern user journey. If liz assess is deployed, the organization will be days away from supercharging their underwriting ability to process more straight-through business, which is a pretty terrific result for most.

Start your journey with thinktum’s liz suite.

This approach allows for much faster modeling and production deployment.

In other words, your new product or updated product version can be launched in almost no time (rather than your usual 12 to 18 months). The business doesn’t even need to round up IT experts to jump in to help, since their assistance and expertise simply isn’t needed (for once). And not to worry, your post-deployment work won’t be organizationally dependent on IT resources either. Anyone can maintain liz, and our team provides all the support you need – which, tech-wise, is really very little for most.

But the changes aren’t just operational.

With liz, insurers can achieve 10 times faster underwriting modeling along with other key performance indicators (KPIs) such as much faster integration and deployment, and even faster product and e-app configuration. Your business users will notice, and your end-users will be delighted by new technology that enables them to get insurance easier and faster.

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Isn’t fast and easy what everyone is after?

Coming up!

What happens in the second month? Add on another module or add in a new product line. Two modules give an organization an incredible amount of control and will transform the business in many ways. We’ll discuss that in our next edition of Give thinktum a month.

There’s a lot to think about. If you’re curious dive into our Solutions page for answers.