Insurtech 101


A new analysis of 2,000 global insurtechs reveals rapid growth, evolving product focus, and a growing crop of innovative opportunities

Insurtech Insights

Leveraging a no-code platform can help insurance carriers remain competitive in a challenging operating environment, by enabling efficiencies and allowing insurers to build future-proof digital applications.

This research from Insurtech Insights and EPAM reveals the success steps for swift and sustainable value generation from incumbent/insurtech partnerships. It is based on in-depth interviews with seven insurance leaders representing both incumbents and insurtechs.

In this interview, the President and CEO of Innoveo, Amir Ghaffar, discusses how new insurtech, such as business APIs and cloud-based tech, are changing the insurance landscape and bringing the industry into a new, fast-paced and consumer-focused era. 

The pandemic turned everything upside down in 2020, and the dust hasn’t settled yet. Will 2022 mark a return to normal life? Don’t bet on it! Expect the changes we’ve seen to continue accelerating innovation and technology in all aspects of insurance. Here are 10 key trends and predictions to watch in 2022.

McKinsey & Company

Innovation in design and transformation in internal operations and IT expected as the industry heads into 2022.

The growth of insurtechs is driving innovation and disruption in the industry. Four McKinsey experts discuss the current state and the future evolution of the field.