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Challenging the status quo is our motto. We’re always on the lookout for people who share our passion for modernizing old and stodgy processes. They can be relevant. You can help.

We foster innovation for humanity

It’s time to change up how we think about innovation and who gains from it. Our goal has always been to do work that helps the most people live better lives. thinktum is an amalgam of two root words that form a mantra guiding our path:

  • think·ing /’THiNGkiNG
    the process of using one’s mind to consider and/or reason critical thought.
  • quan·tum ‘kwän(t)∂m
    In physics, quantum theory, and quantum mechanics are concerned with the behavior of atomic particles. Both quantum mechanics and chaos theory suggest a world constantly in flux.

What makes us tick?

If you’ve never experienced working with an exciting startup before, it can be a bit of an adjustment. Someone once said it’s like building a plane while you’re flying it, and we don’t think a truer statement has ever been made. No two days are alike, and we thrive on ingenuity, collaboration, innovation, humor, and coffee. Lots of coffee. It’s the most rewarding work many of us have ever done.

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A team where everyone is a star

Our staff is literally scattered in all corners of the Americas, and you wouldn’t believe how many languages we speak. We give everyone a platform for their voice (hopefully in English), our feedback is circular, and our leaders spend time mentoring and supporting staff across the board. We are respectful of others and ourselves, and when time and projects permit, we also let our hair down a little bit (those of us who have hair, that is). It’s about creating and maintaining the ideal balance of work, life, and learning.

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Why we do it

Innovation always benefits somebody. Corporations use it to gain market traction, elevate their brand, and sell more products. At thinktum, we innovate to make things easier – for people first, and corporations second. We want to leverage the latest technologies to enable people to lead better, fuller lives.

Even simple changes can make an extraordinary difference for people. We happen to also tackle complex ones. Join us, there’s a lot of good to do.

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Our crew

Without thinktum’s exceptional team, we would never be where we are. Every single person contributes in their own way and with their own voice. Teams are cohesive, supportive, and tightly knit. We answer to each other as well as ourselves. We are respected and respectful, but take every opportunity to share ideas, solutions, or laughs. We’re the humans behind the AI, and ahead of the curve.

"The industry is rapidly evolving, and so is thinktum. On top of great leadership and a supportive, growing team, I knew this was an opportunity I could not pass!"
Daniel Escate
Graphic Designer
"At thinktum, we are encouraged to speak up on creative ideas & feedback, while everyone shares the same vision and ambition to achieve common goals."
Gabriela Corvera
Executive and Marketing Assistant
"For me, thinktum is the opportunity of having a nice work environment, it means working remotely and still wanting to meet up."
Emmanuel Mendoza
Full Stack Developer Team Lead
"Building something from scratch or taking part in a big, exciting mission? At thinktum, we get to do both, with warm people that always make you aim to be your best self."
Nicolas Riccomini
Team lead, Senior Full Stack Developer
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Why join us

thinktum’s DNA

  • We challenge the idea of business as usual through collaboration.
  • Every voice matters, always!
  • Our leaders lead AND mentor.
  • Tinker around with the latest technology!

To us, tech for good isn’t just a catchphrase, it guides us every day.

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Perks that truly matter

  • Continuous learning is actively supported.
  • Work your way – remotely or in our office.
    You know how you work best.
  • Premium exposure.
    You could attend major conferences around the globe.
  • Superior health and wellness benefits.

Build networks for life. We collaborate with leading organizations worldwide, year-round.