About Us

What drives us

The insurance industry has needed a makeover for decades. We gathered the smartest folks and built a Pure no-code solution ourselves.

The future of insurtech

Insurtech was invented to harness technological innovations to revitalize the insurance industry. Too many globally respected organizations are lagging behind when it comes to providing a technology-fueled application journey. We make it simple to get started, create, and edit flows, and begin building an experience that fits for your clients.

We believe a tech revolution is inevitable and we’re able & ready to help usher it in.
Are you?

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Innovation for humanity through tech for good.

We harness technology to enable more people to secure the insurance coverage they need to protect their loved ones down the road. At thinktum, we believe innovation should empower human minds while injecting transparency into every step. Our goal is for technology to enable and improve the lives of all those around us.

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We dare leverage cutting-edge technology to empower human minds.

Technology solutions, like AI algorithms, are simply tools. They don’t guarantee outcomes. What they do is make the journey more efficient, accurate, and enjoyable for end users. Happier end-users are more likely to convert just as much as they are to recommend your services to others.

Our Values

Lead, revolutionize, and drive exponential business

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A smart customer journey provides a much faster decision-recommendation. Questions are asked and answered using plain language and every question is based on the answers already provided to ensure hyper-personalization. We value a no-nonsense approach.
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People are looking for a digital customer journey. They want to be able to access products and services on their own time and the device of their choosing, regardless of the hour. Legacy systems simply won’t cut it. We enable modern preferences and solutions.
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At thinktum, we believe that AI and other technologies are simply a means to an end, nothing more. It can enable a new way of working that is smarter, with more built-in clarity. AI makes people better at doing what humans do. We call it augmentation. Technology doesn’t augment humans, but rather frees them up from rote and mundane tasks to do what human minds do best – thinking and creating.
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We’re committed to helping reshape the typical ecosystem into a modern, technologically advanced space that can tailor customer journeys for an everchanging audience of unique individuals.
Our Journey

We’ve come a long way

Advertisement for Eugene Shafronsky, (including close up photo) with the text: Digital First or Customer First. Eugene Shafronsky, Head of Strategy at thinktum and March 7, 2022. And the InsurTech NY logo.
InsurTechNY 2022
Our Head of Strategy, Eugene Shafronsky, engaged in this first thinktum in-person expert panel on Reducing the Underwriting Cycle Time at this event. Additional snippets are available on our LinkedIn page.
Four smiling thinktum staff standing at a photo wall, with Insurtech Toronto Cookhouse Lab logo.
SummerHack 2022
This global event brought together insurtech experts and innovators from all over the world for 2 days of insurance innovation and friendly competition. This year, we partnered with Swiss Re and our co-creation was named crowd favorite. Check out the photos and story on our LinkedIn page.
Group photo of thinktum staff at the thinktum booth at InsurTech NY 2022.
Insurtech Americas 2022
This was thinktum’s first time exhibiting at an industry event. We introduced ourselves, spoke with dozens at our booth, participated in roundtable & expert panel discussions, and were interviewed by FF News. The full interview is available on our Media page.
Finalist six-sided badge. FF Awards Artificial Intelligence finalist and wordmark with 2022.
FF Awards 2022 Finalists
FF Awards holds an annual video competition and thinktum entered in 2022 with our first collaboration with VAX Films. We are thrilled our submission made finalist in the artificial intelligence category. You can watch our entry piece on the In Action section of our Homepage.
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Rebranding overhaul
We’ve been busy bees rebranding and demonstrating our liz suite’s technology. Our website is now a proper reflection of thinktum’s DNA, you shall wonder no more what it is that we "actually do"!
Meet our Team

thinktum unites industry-leading professionals from various sectors

You can’t build a world-class solution without the brightest minds from many industries. Luckily, thinktum’s team is made up of experts, artists, innovators, and go-getters. With expertise in the insurance industry, data, solutions development, AI, and more, our people define our brand’s DNA.

Stylized image of a close-up of David Slabodkin. David Slabodkin CEO and Founder View Details
Headshot of an older man wearing glasses and a sweater and looking directly into the camera. Paul Reaburn President View Details
Close-up of a light-skinned man wearing glasses and looking into the camera. Eugene Shafronsky Head of Strategy View Details
Headshot of an older man wearing a suit jacket and smiling at the camera. Stephen Cheeseman Head of Legal & Compliance View Details
Headshot of a woman looking straight at the camera with long brown hair. Annie Chu AVP, Strategic Partnerships View Details
Headshot of a smiling woman with blond hair smiling. Genevieve Adam-Burns Director of Underwriting & Technology Solutions View Details
Headshot of a smiling young woman looking directly into the camera. Mariane Lefebvre Marketing Director View Details
Headshot of a blong lady, tilting her head to the left and smiling. An earring is visible. Tatiana Shkarina Senior IT Project Manager View Details
Headshot of a young bearded man wearing glasses looking directly at the camera. Nicolas Riccomini Team Lead, Senior Full-Stack Developer View Details
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Join our team!

At thinktum, we built our workforce one person at a time. We’re always on the lookout for true professionals who love an exciting challenge and work best in a collaborative environment. We encourage continuous learning, innovation, and creative thinking & ingenious solutioning.

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Investing in like-mindedness

We aim to accelerate the research and development of innovative technology solutions, through collaborative partnerships, benefitting the sectors they serve for the greater good of humanity.

We are neither a typical venture capital firm nor an angel investor. Our partner startups scale quickly due to leveraging thinktum’s in-house talent. And for the most aligned, we offer small capital injections to get to MP or product launch.

thinktum partners with entrepreneurs and teams that share our philosophy and values:

  • Innovation for humanity through tech for good
    Your idea or technology moves society forward and improves humankind.
  • True partnership
    You’re looking for a partner – in every sense of the term – to make your new company successful. We don’t simply make investments, just as you aren’t simply looking for cash.
  • More than just funds
    You recognize you need skills and resources to compliment your current offering.
  • Building a sustainable business
    You want to build a business that provides good jobs and helps communities. Good, so do we.