Who We Are

thinktum, founded in 2018, is an innovation enabler in the insurtech space. We offer modular, no-code technology solutions to not only facilitate but optimize the entire new business cycle, from insurance application to policy issue.

In addition to personalized and affordable no-code technology, we also provide expert business strategy consultation. To ensure sustainable growth, we help operate the optimization of processes according to strategic goals while remaining aligned with the everchanging state of the market and technology.

Our current developments include various modular no-code technology solutions to support new business lines, from insurance application to policy issue. Our most popular no-code module is an AI-driven personalized-underwriting engine.

Our team possesses years of business experience and relevant expertise (underwriting, actuarial, product development, back-office administration, & distribution - advisory, direct to consumer, and hybrid).

Creative minds paired with innovative technology led by a team of AI and Data Science experts create tech solutions that make sense for insurance industry leaders, users and applicants.



Innovation for humanity through tech for good.



Through future-forward research and partnerships, we dare leverage cutting edge technology to help people live better.



Lead, revolutionize, and drive exponential business transformation by streamlining, digitizing, reshaping and augmenting... above and beyond.

What We Offer

Our solutions are modular. Pick and choose between modules; or benefit of a whole much greater than the sum of its parts with all three!

thinktum Glass-Box Tools

liz life

liz life

How much greater than the sum of its parts? Firstly, creating a pre-assessment is possible via liz life. But that's not all! You also get:

  • Cost Savings Bundle

  • Optimal Data Efficiency

  • Faster Implementation


No-Code Platform for Various Avenues


liz data
Data Processing and Analytics Module

Consultation Services by Industry Experts


Investing in Like-Mindedness

We aim to accelerate the research and development of innovative technology solutions, through collaborative associations benefitting the sectors they serve for the greater good of humanity.

We are neither your typical venture capital firm nor an angel investor.

Startups we partner with scale quickly leveraging our in-house talent. And for the most aligned, we can offer small capital injections to get to MVP or product launch.

We partner with entrepreneurs and teams sharing our philosophy and values:

If you are focused on the next round of funding or a quick sale, you aren’t exactly the droids we’re looking for.



Amidst today's fluctuating IT environment, we strive to better equip businesses on two fronts:

Human proficiency: our proactive processes are paired up with nimble, T-shaped expertise